2 Chinesen im Fontana Leisure Park umgebracht

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Two Chinese nationals died in a shooting incident at Fontana Leisure Park in Clark Field, Pampanga

Philippine National Police (PNP) spokesperson Agrimero Cruz Jr. said the crime took place at Villa 3406 around 3:30 a.m. Monday.

The victims were identified as Shahani Co and Zeng Hua Quiang.

The two were immediately rushed to a hospital but Co was declared dead on arrival.

A certain Wang Yang Zhen, 48, was arrested by the elements of Police Station 4 in Angles City for investigation.

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CLARK FREEPORT -- A Chinese businessman was killed in a shooting incident inside the Fontana Leisure Parks and Casino here Sunday.

The victim, Shahani "Raymond" Co, a Chinese national and a resident of Sergeant Rivera, Quezon City, was instantly killed after sustaining several gunshot wounds in the body.

Chief Inspector Luisito Tan, chief of Police Station 4 in Angeles City, said that another Chinese trader, Wang Zhan Zhen aka Michael Ong, 48, was involved in the killing. Ong is now facing murder charges filed before the City Prosecutor's Office.

Another Chinese national, named Zeng Hua Quiang (Wang's companion), 33, was hit in the arm during the incident.

Co's companion, Cai Ping, 51, told police investigators that they went to the suspect's villa at Number 3406, California Street, Fontana Leisure Parks and Casino around 2:45 a.m. on November 28.

Cai Ping said the victim was supposed to collect a sum of money from the suspect.

Wang and Co were talking about the money at the back of the said villa before they had a heated argument, said Cai Ping, who alleged that the suspect took a gun and shot the victim several times.

But Wang's camp said the incident was a case of "self-defense."

Pen Zhing Long (one of Wang's companions) said Co was the one who pulled out a gun placed on the top of a table while the latter was talking to the suspect.

Co picked up the gun while he was having a conversation with Wang, prompting Zeng Hua Quiang to grab the firearms from the victim's possession until the gun went off, hitting the latter on the arm.

After this, Wang allegedly took the gun tucked in Co's back and shot the latter.

The wounded Chinese were taken to Mount Carmel Medical Center here but Co was pronounced dead on arrival by physicians.

The victim's body was brought to the Angelina Funeral Parlor for autopsy.

Wang's counsel reportedly filed countercharges against Co, police said.

The suspect was immediately arrested by responding policemen.

Recovered from the crime scene were several spent shells from.9mm and .45 caliber pistols.

Police said a .9mm Glock was recovered from the suspect.

City police chief Danilo Bautista said the other Chinese nationals and a local, Cielo Perpeto, were brought to the Angeles City Crime Laboratory Office for paraffin tests.

Angeles City Police Director Danilo Bautista also led a team of policemen to conduct an ocular inspection at the crime scene and gather additional pieces of evidence and information relative to the case. (Reynaldo G. Navales/With Ric Sapnu)

SOURCE: Sun.Star Pampanga

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A Chinese national was shot dead by a fellow countryman in a villa at the Fontana leisure park and resort yesterday.

The victim Shahani Co, a Chinese residing in Manila had visited Wang Yang Zhen, a Chinese tourist staying at the Fontana villa number 3406, allegedly to demand payment from the latter for an overdue loan.

According to a witness, Co got into an argument with Zhen at which point the former pulled out a gun. Hua Quiang another Chinese who was standing with them allegedly grabbed the gun resulting in a scuffle with Co until the gun went off and hit the former in the arm. The suspect, Zhen then grabbed the gun and shot Co multiple times resulting in his death.

The suspect did not resist arrest and has been charged with murder.

Chinese to Chinese criminal activity at Fontana continues

The incident is not the first time violent criminal activity has been reported between Chinese nationals at the Chinese-owned resort.

Last April a Chinese national and tourist guide was handcuffed and tortured for ten hours through the use of a hammer, a knife, a pair of tweezers and two bullet wounds in the left leg by another Chinese businessman in another villa.

The same victim who used false names and refused to explain why he was tortured was also a witness in an alleged kidnapping of another Chinese man at the same resort a month earlier.

SOURCE: angelescity.com

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Still another different version of the events:

ANGELES CITY – Policemen here arrested a Chinese tourist for shooting to death another Chinese inside a villa at Fontana Leisure Estate in Clark Freeport Zone around 2:45 A.M. last Sunday.

Chief Inspector Luisito Tan, commander of Police Station 4 here, identified the victim as Shahani Co, alias Raymond Co, resident of King Center Condo in Balintawak, Quezon City.

Tan also identified the suspect as Wang Yang Zhen, alias Michael Ong, 48, resident of Villa 3406 California St., Fontana Leisure Park.

Co was pronounced dead on arrival at a nearby hospital due to multiple bullet wounds.

A companion of Ong, identified as Zeng Hua Quiang, was also rushed to a hospital in Angeles City for treatment of his gunshot wound in the arm.

In a sworn statement, Cai Qing Ping, 51, said through an interpreter of the leisure estate that he was with Co in the latter’s condominium unit in Quezon City around 12:30 A.M. on Nov. 28.

“I was sleeping at house of the victim when he woke me up and told me to help him to Angeles City because Michael Ong (Zhen) asked the victim to go to his place to settle the owed money to the victim. While preparing to go to Angeles City I heard the victim and Michael Ong arguing on the phone regarding the owned money,” Cai said.

He said upon arrival to Fontana Leisure Park in Clark Field, he saw five men inside the suspect’s villa, including Zhen.

Cai said Zhen escorted Co to the pool area at the back of the villa where they talked.

“Few minutes later, I heard the victim and Michael Ong were shouting against each other, prompting me to go to the pool area to pacify them by reminding them they are friends. Michael Ong then took a gun hidden under the tea tray and without any hesitation, shot Shahani Co two to three times at point blank. After Shahani Co fell down, the suspect at gun point asked me to lay down on the ground and then I heard he shot the ground three times,” he said.

Cai alleged that he had heard Ong instructing the other persons in the villa to stand as witnesses and tell authorities that the gun belonged to Co and that the suspect only grabbed it from the victim. He said when the suspect went inside the villa he ran and jumped over the fence to flee until security guards found him.

But Pen Zhing Long, 33, one of the men inside the villa, told police investigators that it was Co who took out a gun and placed it atop the table while the latter was talking to Zhen at the pool area.

Pen said while the two were having a heated argument, Co picked up the gun but Zeng, who was standing beside them, grabbed the gun from Co. He said the gun went off during the scuffle, hitting Quiang in the arm.

Long said Zhen then took the gun from Co and shot him several times in the body.

Ong, the body of Co, Zeng, Cai, Pen and three other persons – Zhuang Yong Shu, Hu Fei Fei and Cielo Perpeto (driver of Co) – were all subjected to paraffin test to determine who among them fired a gun. The test result has yet to be released.

The suspect was brought to the Police Station 4 here while the body of Co was brought to a funeral parlor for autopsy.

A police report said Scene of the Crime operatives had found a caliber 17mm handgun, five empty cartridges of caliber 9mm and five empty cartridges of caliber .45.

SOURCE: Central Luzon Daily

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